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But there are FOUR steps you can take right now...

Every week on write about AI, I dive into the specifics of how the world's best AI experts implement innovative solutions and share best practices and concepts. I've been writing for years and these are some of my most posts:

2. Enroll in the AI Bootcamp 🧠!

If you're relatively new to this AI thing, I want to help save you months or even years of effort by telling you everything I wish I had known when I started. I've developed a formula to make that walk feel shorter and easier.

AI is a top investment priority for all organizations and it can bring rapid business value. Demand for AI skills is exploding and over 80% of decision-makers say they don't have enough resources to implement their AI projects. Get ahead and accelerate your career with this end-to-end course that will give you all the foundational and technical understanding of AI in a tangible and practical way.

In this AI Bootcamp, you'll learn:

✅ Understand AI and get hands-on
✅ Connect with AI enthusiasts
✅ Grow your potential

The AI Bootcamp 🧠

It's Free 🚀 / Access will be available in June 2023


If you're feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or not sure where to start, this is the plan I would personally follow if I were starting today.

3. Watch my interviews

If you're more of a video person, check out my interviews!

I'm learning a ton from these interviews that I'm applying to my OWN AI Projects right now and I know you will too.

My goal is to talk to AI Experts and practitioners and share new products and best practices to accelerate the adoption of AI. For example, check out my interview with Jon Reilly, Co-Founder of Akkio:

Interview with Jon, co-founder of Akkio

4. Join our community of AI practitioners

And if you're really serious about becoming a good AI practitioner...the best thing you can do is join The Community. It's in Beta, and you shouldn't join until you're really serious about your AI work.

A bit about me

I'm a Spaniard living the dream in California. I work as a Director of Data Science and Machine Learning at IBM. I’m also a founder, investor, tennis professor, and father of two! It's been quite a journey since I started working in the AI field 10+ years ago!

I decided to start to explain how I like to approach and simplify AI.

Thanks again for joining my weekly newsletter, and I'll see you on Sunday mornings.


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