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2023 AI Highlights - The year in summary

Get my free E-book where I summarize all the major AI Announcements in 2023. From ChatGPT to Llama 2, Nvidia GPUs, and more. Free PDF to get up to speed
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I'm pleased to offer all of you my free ebook summarizing the major AI highlights of 2023. What a year for AI!

This resource is filled with cutting-edge insights and trends. Share it with your family, friends, and colleagues!

Find the link to access this invaluable resource below:

Here are some of the topics covered in the E-book:

  • ChatGPT record users
  • Meta announcements of Llama, Llama 2, and new AI Chips
  • Adobe Firely
  • Pause AI Experiments Letter
  • OpenAI announcements of GPT-4, mobile version of ChatGPT and DALL.LE 3
  • Khan Academy Revolutionizing Education
  • Zoom announcing the AI Companion
  • Google announcements of PaLM 2, Gemini, Vertex AI, and Workplace AI features
  • AWS new Bedrock services and AI Chips
  • Githup Copilot X for developers
  • IBM release of enterprise-ready LLMs and watsonx Generative AI platform
  • Russia and China entering the AI game and competing with US AI
  • Neuralink testing human-brain AI chip implants
  • Microsoft announcements on Azure and Copilot for Windows and Office 365
  • White House Executive AI Order and EU AI Act as new regulations come into place
  • Nvidia dominating the HW AI market
  • Intel and AMD presenting their competitive products to gain market share against Nvidia
  • Small Language Models and Open Source Gaining Momentum
  • The Stock Market reaching an All-Time-High thanks to AI
  • VCs pouring money into AI startups and a lot more!

Don’t miss it. Get your FREE copy here: link

🎄 I wish you all a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas! 🎄

Written by
Armand Ruiz
I'm a Director of Data Science at IBM and the founder of I love to play tennis, cook, and hike!
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