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From Zero to Hero, Learn the Fundamentals of AI. This Free Course is perfect for beginner to intermediate level professionals that want to break into AI. Transform your skillset and accelerate your career.
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Hi, I'm Armand!
Course Overview
Master the Foundations of AI and Start Projects
AI is a top investment priority for all organizations and it can bring rapid business value. Demand for AI skills is exploding and over 60% decision makers say they don't have enough resources to implement their AI projects. Get ahead and accelerate your career with this end-to-end course that will give you all the foundational and technical understanding of AI in a tangible and practical way.

The AI Bootcamp is a 10-week course with exercises where you will learn to unleash the full power of AI for Business. I promise you three outcomes:
✅ Understand AI and get hands-on
✅ Connect with AI enthusiasts
✅ Grow your potential

Learn how AI works and practice with different Machine Learning tools. Understand how to evaluate AI investments and define the lifecycle for Agile AI implementations. AI is not just for Big Tech companies, anyone can start implementing AI solutions today!

From the basics to advanced concepts and real demos. I explain everything step-by-step.
Learn by doing. Train and deploy your first models to understand the core concepts. No technical experience required.
Be part of the private group where I will be answering your questions and providing my top tips.
Opportunity Awaits. Accelerate your Career and Break into AI
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Course Curriculum

Module 1: AI Basics and Core Concepts

  • 1.1 What is AI?
  • 1.2 Use Cases for Business
  • 1.3 Why AI Now and What is not AI?

Module 2 - It's all about the Data

  • 2.1 Basic Data Definition
  • 2.2 Data Management for Business
  • 2.3 Feature Engineering and Data Correlation

Module 3 - Traditional Machine Learning

  • 3.1 Introduction to Modeling Techniques
  • 3.2 Training Models
  • 3.3 Model Evaluation
  • 3.4 Introduction to AutoML

Module 4 - The Deep Learning Revolution

  • 4.1 What is Deep Learning?
  • 4.2 Application in the Real World
  • 4.3 Business Benefits of Deep Learning
  • 4.4 How to train Deep Learning models

Module 5 - Put AI into Production

  • 5.1 What is Model Deployment
  • 5.2 How to put AI in Production
  • 5.3 What is MLOps

Module 6 - Generative AI

  • 6.1 Definition of Generative AI
  • 6.2 How Generative AI works
  • 6.3 LLMs available
  • 6.4 Generative AI Applications
  • 6.5 Introduction to prompting and tuning
  • 6.6 The Generative AI Stack

Module 7 - Ethical and Trustworthy AI

  • 7.1 Risks of Irresponsible AI
  • 7.2 Principles of Ethical AI
  • 7.3 Building Trustworthy AI

Module 8 - AI Tools

  • 8.1 Coding Tools
  • 8.2 No-code AI Tools
  • 8.3 Key Considerations for Adopting AI Tools

Module 9 - Implement AI for Business

  • 9.1 Enabling an AI-ready culture
  • 9.2 Skills for AI
  • 9.3 Methodology & Project Management
  • 9.4 Providing feedback to AI projects

Module 10 - A Sneak Peek into the Future

  • 10.1 Where do we come from
  • 10.2 Synthetic Data
  • 10.3 Multimodality
  • 10.4 Reinforcement Learning
  • 10.5 Giving tools to AI
  • 10.6 Beyond Chats
  • 10.7 AI Technology Roadmap

Who is the AI Bootcamp For?

AI will be as vital as Excel; those mastering its skills and understanding will outpace their peers and competitors.

This course is for you if:
✅ Professionals looking to break into AI and transform business
✅ Learners new to AI seeking to successfully experiment
✅ Anyone eager to grow their AI network and connect with experts

Learn by Doing

Step-by-step labs to learn the core concepts of AI for Business.
▪️ Lab 1: Brainstorm AI Use Cases for Business
▪️ Lab 2: Data Transformation and Automation
▪️ Lab 3: Chat and Explore Your Data
▪️ Lab 4: Train your First ML Model
▪️ Lab 5: Image Classification
▪️ Lab 6: Text Classification
▪️ Lab 7: Put your first model into production
▪️ Lab 8: Getting Started with LLM Playground
▪️ Lab 9: Create your first chatbot
▪️ Lab 10: Chat with your data and documents
▪️ Lab 11: Fine-tune your first LLM with your own data
▪️ Lab 12: Generate Images with AI
▪️ Lab 13: Build a Trustworthy AI system
▪️ Lab 14: Create your first AI Agent
▪️ Lab 15: Create your own avatar

Join The Studio

Meet the instructor

Armand Ruiz - Data Science & AI Executive
I work in Silicon Valley as an expert in Data Science and Machine Learning at IBM. I started my career as a data scientist in Vodafone Spain and quickly climbed the ranks at IBM in 10 years.

I've been behind IBM's most pioneering IBM Watson products and currently I lead an Elite organization with hundreds of talented data scientists working on complex AI implementations across all industries.

My motivation is to present the power of AI to everyone and make AI technology accessible and transparent, and that's why I created the NoCode.ai community and this Bootcamp.

I always enjoyed teaching and I trained hundreds of professionals over the years in live workshops and courses. Now with this AI Bootcamp I bring all my experience to you. I'm determined to make one of the best AI courses on the Internet. I'm sure you will enjoy my style and practical way to approach AI.

On the personal side, I founded two AI startups that were acquired and I'm also an investor, tennis professor, and a father of two!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the courses take me?

The AI Bootcamp is designed to be one module per week over 10 weeks or anywhere between 20 to 40 hours of work. However, if you are the “Netflix nerd” type — feel free to go forth and conquer! The course has approximately 12 hours of recorded content.

Do I have to start the courses at a certain date or time?

No! You can start the courses whenever you’d like.

Will I have lifetime access?

Yes! The course comes with lifetime access to all course materials.

I am evaluating this for our team. Who can I speak with to learn more?

Please email Armand directly at armand@nocode.ai to discuss ideas.

Can I add a course certificate to my LinkedIn or resume?

Yes! You will receive a Completion Certificate at the end of the course after passing the final quiz with 80% score and deliver a stand-and-deliver demo.

AI Bootcamp Certificate of Completion

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

This course does not have any formal prerequisites. With that said, you will have the best results in the course if you can devote the time and energy needed to develop your skills and complete all the practice exercises. Above all, this course is about taking action. 

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